Hello and thanks for stopping by my site, Name here is John Santmire 

I was first licensed back in April of 1993

Upgraded to General in March of 2007

Changed my call to W8JES in March of 2009..

I am running APRS WIDE digi I-Gate at my home QTH...

Also run APRS in both of my trucks as well in our RV..

Camping is what we do in the summer.. And Ham Radio in the winter... APRS,  HF, PSK3, FT-8 and some other modes.


As of  2020 I retired at the age of 56...


Also running  DMR, I have a DVMM Pi-Star on a RPi 3B.. can find me on TG-3139 Ohio

Well I have been off of HF now for sometime,  Like 4 years now.. I have just picked up a new FT-891 and a MFJ-939

a new G5RV/JR also a new MFJ-2980 33' Portable Vertical Antenna.. I have been using it and doing POTA..  



My Real time log book updated every 5 minutes from my shack..


Live POTA Log When I'm on at a Park.