Automatic Packet Reporting System

APRS was developed by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, as a real-time local tactical
communications system for rapidly exchanging digital data of immediate value to operations.
This really took off when GPS became available and MAPS were integrated into the
system for tactical situational awareness of everything in the net.


R.I.P. Bob Bruninga WB4APR  (Feb. 8th 2022)

The above shot was APRSdos in the early 1990's.

I started out back in the 90's when APRS ran on a DOS system
I also made a lot of my own maps for the Findlay Area..
Not too many users on back then when it first can out.
I have gotten out of it for the past 15 years it was time to move on to other things,
But as of the first of the year (2009) I'm back into the APRS once again.
A lot has changed in 15 years and a lot to learn..
Now it is world wide linked by K4HG's global FINDU.COM internet links.
Also try using aprs.fi...  A lot of info here
The map below shows the approximate 20,000 users now on the air in the USA.

A screen shot of WinAPRS

Now onto my setup that I have now..
The radio is a Yaesu FT-2400 running at 50 watts,
and the TNC is a TNC-X by Coastal ChipWorks
Antenna is a Diamond F23H 2 Meter 8dB Gain at 60 feet
The Photo below is a shot of the Radio & TNC

Coverage Circle of the Digi

I am running UI-View32 V2.03 software for my APRS Program
And the Maps are Precision Mapping V9 ( PMapServer9 )
Below are some screen shots..
Please note I have some filters turned on so there's a lot of stations that are not on the screen

My station is an IGATE that transmits stations heard on RF to the Internet.
And some from the Internet to RF

Click on the photos to enlarge to full screen.

Click on the photos to enlarge to full screen.

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